Michigan has a limited history of gold mining, and the state is not known for having significant deposits of gold. However, small amounts of placer gold have been found in some streams and rivers in Michigan, particularly in the western and northern regions of the state.

If you are interested in gold prospecting in Michigan, you may want to contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for information on the regulations and permits required for recreational gold prospecting. You can also consult with local prospecting clubs or organizations for information on the best areas to prospect for gold in Michigan, as well as for information on gold prospecting events and activities.

Here are some clubs in Michigan that you may be interested in:
  • Michigan Gold Prospectors
  • Michigan Metal Detecting Club
  • West Michigan Treasure Hunters Club
These clubs provide a great opportunity to connect with other gold prospectors, share knowledge and experiences, and learn about the best techniques and areas for gold prospecting in Michigan.

Keep in mind that gold prospecting can have a significant impact on the environment, so it is important to obtain the necessary permits and to follow all regulations and guidelines to ensure responsible and sustainable prospecting practices. Additionally, finding gold in Michigan can be challenging, and success is not guaranteed.

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